The Ideal Boating Bluetooth Speaker
Altec Life Jacket 2


When the stereo on my boat decided to call it quits, I set out on a mission to find the ideal boating Bluetooth speaker. After doing a ton of research I finally decided on the Aztec Life Jacket 2. Man, what a life saver (no pun intended), this portable Bluetooth Speaker saved the weekend. I was worried we would be at sea without my favorite sailing tunes from Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley. Yep, gotta get my groove on while on the water. Anyway, here are the things that impressed me most about the Aztec Life Jacket 2, and why I now consider it to be the ideal boating Bluetooth speaker:

Adjustable Universal Mounting Bracket

The first question you should ask when searching for the ideal boating Bluetooth speaker is how and where can I mount it on my boat. The mounting hardware included with the Life Jacket 2 has you covered. The standard mount can clamp the speaker to just about any bar on your Bimini top. The clamp is fast and easy to use and can handle the constant pounding your boat delivers when blasting across a choppy surf at speed. I was on the water all day and my speaker didn’t budge.

It’s a Speakerphone

The Altec is much more than just a speaker for listening to your favorite tunes. It’s also a speakerphone for use with your your iPhone. If features hands-free functionality so you can quickly answer calls or decline them with simple voice commands. Pretty slick, isn’t it?

Crisp Clear Sound & Power to Spare

The Altec features state-of-the-art DSP audio enhancement technology that delivers crisp clear sound no matter what type of music you listen to. The oversized power amp can overcome the wind noise when running your boat at speed.

Extended Battery Life

Many Bluetooth Speakers lose their charge in just a few hours. Not the Altec Life Jacket 2, the high-end battery has an extended life of up to 16 hours. Charge it up at home and you’re all set for the entire weekend. Make that a long weekend at the beach or at sea. The speaker also has a built-in power-pack so you can use it to charge your iPhone if your phone battery gets a little low.

Choose Your Color

Many Bluetooth Speaker models are only available in basic black. The Life Jacket 2 comes in 5 unique colors so there is something for every taste. The most popular color and perhaps the most ideal boating Bluetooth Speaker color is blue; well my favorite anyway. The main body is black with light blue accents. It is also available in all black, white, black with purple accents, and black with red accents.

The Verdict; Is it the Ideal Boating Bluetooth Speaker?

The IP67 rating makes this the ideal boating Bluetooth speaker. It is waterproof, shockproof, and sand-proof. For those of you who live in the great white north it is snow-proof as well. The answer is yes, this is my ideal pick for boating.

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