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Venstar Waterproof Sport


Review of the Most Suitable Cycling Bluetooth Speaker the 6W Venstar Waterproof Sport

If you are an avid cyclist in search of a Bluetooth Cycling Speaker, you have very specific needs. Some of the things you need to consider are, mounting hardware, is the speaker waterproof, & can I accept handsfree calls. The Venstar Bluetooth Cycling Speaker has all this and more. Not every Bluetooth speaker includes these features. Mainly because the average Joe doesn’t need them. But if you take cycling serious, you need to buy a Bluetooth speaker that is up to the task. Especially the handsfree feature so you can keep your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road, or the trail as it were.

Remote Controls

This may be the most important feature for a Bluetooth Cycling Speaker. The last thing you want to do when riding off-road on rugged trails is to take even one hand off the handlebars. The I-Free, drive by wire remote control system allows cyclists to safely operate the unit while on the go.

Stereo Sound

The Venstar is equipped with twin 3 Watt speakers for optimum stereo sound. This offers plenty of volume for outdoor use and overcoming the road noise and wind noise when peddling your bike at top speed. The speaker also has a built in digital FM radio complete with auto scan presets. In addition to listening to tunes on your iPhone, you can also pipe in your favorite radio stations along your journey.

Quick Mount

Theft is always a concern with Bluetooth Cycling Speakers. The Venstar quickly pops in and out of its mount so you can take it with you when you leave your bike unattended. The mount is strong enough to keep the speaker in place when riding over rough terrain, yet you can quickly and easily remove it from its mount when you need to.

Beep, Beep Get Out of My Way!

That’s right it wouldn’t be a dedicated cycling speaker if it didn’t have a built-in horn. This could come in handy when riding your bike in the city. It even has 2 settings, a standard car horn sound and the “Ding-Ding” bell setting that sounds like an old bicycle bell.

Peddle to the Metal

If you are a serious rider you need a Bluetooth Cycling speaker that can hold a charge. If you start your ride with a full charge, you can ride 50 miles or more without worrying about your battery dying.

The Verdict

This seems like the perfect model for cycling enthusiasts. But it is also very versatile; you can take it in the shower, on camping trips, hiking adventures, or a simple picnic. In addition to the electronic bell and the FM receiver the speaker also has a Micro SDHC slot, an Aux in Port, and a Micro USB port. Al of which are safely stowed behind a silicone, weather resistant door.

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