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Bose SoundLink III


Music aficionados want the best sound quality they can find and won’t settle for anything less. They want crisp, clean sound like that of the Top-of-The-Line Bose SoundLink III. When it comes time to listen to your favorite classical music like Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky, you won’t find a better choice than the Bose SoundLink III. It offers a rich sound worthy of the music brought to us by these famous composers.

Smart Connect

I can barely remember my own phone number, meaning the Bose SoundLink must be smarter than me. It keeps track of the last six devices you paired up, making it super easy to reconnect. The initial paring is fast and easy as well. You basically just press and hold the Bluetooth Button located on the top panel of the speaker. Then simply select the SoundLink Speaker from the list on your portable device. It saves you time when you share the speaker with other family members.
Bose Soundlink III

Flexible Styling

Generally you need to pick a color you really like when you buy your Bluetooth Speaker because you’re stuck with it. Not so with the Bose SoundLink, if you get bored with the color or simply feel like a change to match the décor of another room in your home, simply swap out the cover to the optional color of your choice. It’s like having multiple speakers, one for every room. They even have special covers available from time to time so you can support your favorite team and fly their colors in football season.

Bose SoundLink III Specs

Weighing in at just 3 LBs the Bose SoundLink fits into the portable category, although it’s sleek design lends itself to a spot on your office desk or nightstand. Set it on the window sill behind your sink for a little inspiration while doing the dishes or cooking dinner.

It features an Aux input for easy connectivity to other sources. It also has a convenient USB Port. The expected life of the battery is 14 hours and offers 2 charging options, a standard wall charger as well as a 12 Volt car charger so you can charge the speaker when you are on the go.

The Verdict

If you had a SoundLink II in the past and you liked it, you’re going to love the SoundLink III. The new model pumps out a much crisper sound across the entire spectrum. The upgraded version also pushes out a little more volume than its predecessor.

If I had to say anything bad, it would be that the advertised battery life of 14 hours may be a stretch. I have heard tales of the battery requiring a recharge after just 8 hours. Perhaps if all the planets are aligned your batteries will last the full 14 hours.

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