Most Popular Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
AYL SoundFit


It is easy to see why the AYL SoundFit has become the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speaker. This little guy has it all. It’s rough & tough, and waterproof making it the perfect choice for outdoor use.

Shower Power

Most Bluetooth Shower Speakers only have a mere 3 watts of power. The AYL SoundFit is almost double that, boasting a full 5 watts of power. The 5-watt speaker drivers generate a stronger and fuller bass sound, while producing high quality sound. Since it is fully waterproof, the AYL is shower ready so you can sing in the shower every morning.

The Great Outdoors

When we talk about this being the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speaker, we ‘re not just referring to a relaxing afternoon on your back deck, although the SoundFit is just fine parked beside your barbeque while you grill out. What we really mean is the rough and tumble life of the great outdoors. The AYL SoundFit is rugged enough for mountain climbing, hiking, and running. You can take it along for fishing trips and when playing outdoor sports. It is also the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speaker for canoeing and kayaking.

Let’s Get Wet

With a waterproof rating of IPX5, the AYL SoundFit is ready to take on the rain. Bluetooth speakers with the IPX5 rating can withstand a low-pressure water stream from pretty much any angle. What it can’t do is survive a drop in the drink. Meaning it is not submersible. So if you are planning on capsizing your canoe or kayak, you best consider a Bluetooth speaker with an IPX6 rating. Now if by chance you do drop this model into the water, dry it off before use and you may be okay. No promises!

10 Hours of Juice

My electrician buddy would scold me for using the term “Juice”. He always said “Juice is something you drink” so I better call it electricity. Anyway, the AYL SoundFit has a very respectable 10-hour battery life. Yet another reason why it is the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Set the volume a little lower, say a level of 80 percent, and you can stretch the battery life to up to 12 hours. When you do run out of “Juice” the SoundFit can be recharged in a mere 3 hours.

Cool Colors of the Most Popular Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, the AYL SoundFit has some of the more popular features found in a Bluetooth speaker, but it also comes in three of the most popular colors for outdoor use. Choose your weapon, pick a bright orange, ocean blue, or forest green. The green is a popular choice for my army pals.

Most Popular Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker AYL SoundFit

Did I mention that this speaker is tough? It’s so tough that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. You can’t beat that. The warranty may be one reason that the AYL SoundFit is the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speaker choice.

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