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Cambridge Soundworks


There is a Reason Why the Cambridge Soundworks is the Top Selling Bluetooth Speaker

Let me tell you about all the features of the Cambridge Soundworks and you will discover why it is the top selling Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon. Perhaps it is the crystal-clear stereo sound coupled with the heart pounding enhanced bass output. Bass speakers on cheaper models tend to distort the sound when played at higher volumes. Not so with the Cambridge Soundworks; crank it up to max volume and enjoy untainted, quality sound.

Splash Proof

When shopping for Bluetooth Speakers, I always consider the water resistance rating. This model offers an IPX5 water resistance rating, meaning it is pretty much splash proof. It is certainly equipped for a day at the beach, relaxing by the pool, and technically it can handle a few splashes from the waves when boating. Call me over-cautious if you like, but I prefer an IPX7 rating when I’m at sea.

Compact Size

Another driving factor in the popularity of the Cambridge Soundworks is its relatively compact size. Weighing in at only 10 ounces, it is a popular model for hikers. Since it is only 5 inches long and less than 3 inches tall, it will easily fit in your backpack or picnic basket. In fact, it is so tiny, you can stick it in the cup holder of your golf cart when you hit the links. Perhaps listening to some relaxing music while you play will take a few strokes off your golf game. It didn’t help my game, that’s why I took up boating.

Robust Sound

The speaker may be tiny in physical size, but it’s big on sound. It puts out enough volume that you can even use it for a small karaoke party. Crank it up and everyone can hear the music even when 20 or 30 people start jaw-jacking in the background.

Easy to Setup

Not all of us are techno geeks and technology savvy, so you’ll be happy to know that this speaker is easy to setup. Open the box and plug it in to top off the charge. While its charging you can still use it. Simply press the power on button, then navigate to settings on your iPhone and tap the Oontz Angle to connect. Voila, your rocking! So, you don’t have an iPhone? No worries the speaker is compatible with your iPad, Samsung, Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, or your Kindle. Yes, it’s just as easy to connect to these other devices.

The Verdict

The Cambridge Soundworks has great sound and incredible volume for speaker this size. Surprisingly, it offers 7 hours of playtime per charge so you can use it all day at the pool or beach. No wonder this little gem is top selling Bluetooth speaker. So many customers can’t be wrong!

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